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become a digital illustrator

bring your illustration talent into the digital realm and discover how to create art for advertising agencies, design studios, and the entertainment industry. in this path, you'll learn to create logos and illustrations using today's best design software for digital illustrators.
learn to draw vector graphics and digitize hand drawn art.
optimize your workflow and seamlessly move through applications.
practice with essential training in industry leading software, including illustrator and adobe pen.
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37 hours of expert-created video tutorials
practice to reinforce what you learned
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course illustration for introducing illustrator (2013)
course illustration for learning the adobe pen tool
course illustration for drawing vector graphics
course illustration for drawing vector graphics: color and detail
course illustration for creating and using textures for design
course illustration for drawing vector graphics: patterns
course illustration for drawing and painting in photoshop
course illustration for wacom essential training
course illustration for illustrator draw: working mobile

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